neo™ Blueberry Switch


neo™ Blueberry Switch

neo™ Blueberry Switch


This features a crushable capsule in the filter. The flavor has purple berry notes that transition from a fruity sweetness to a more pronounced red berry flavor when crushed

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This product is not sold without a Starter Kit

About the stick

neo™ DEMI SLIM is designed to deliver superior sensorial experience


Tobacco Rod

Wrapped in paper and consists of:

  • High quality tobacco leaves of bespoke grades to ensure a consistent and satisfying taste experience
  • Top flavours to enhance taste notes 

Tipping Paper

Attaches the tobacco rod to the filter segments


Heat Displacement Tube

A hallow chamber to provide separation from the heater zone and allow aerosol formation


Laser ventilation holes

Provide dilution for aerosol cooling



Aids control of aerosol taste and temperature, influences draw mechanic and carries flavour


Mouth-end Tube

Thin walled-paper tube that creates a wide area for aerosol plume dispersal into mouth