7 Reasons to Switch to glo™ Tobacco Heating Devices

The New Year is a time for setting goals and resolutions for many people. The most common goal is to quit smoking. Unfortunately, this is not easy, especially considering the direct impact of nicotine. As consumers search for the right way to quit smoking, attention turns to tobacco heating devices! Can they help quit smoking? Is choosing THP instead of classic cigarettes worth it in the New Year?

In the world of tobacco consumption, innovation has taken center stage with the emergence of tobacco heating devices. Glo, a leader in this field, introduced the Hyper x2 and Hyper Air devices, setting a new standard for an enhanced and enjoyable tobacco experience. If you are still on the fence about upgrading your smoking routine, here are seven compelling reasons why switching to glo™ heating instead of burning is worth it.

Switching to glo™: What it Looks Like!

You've probably heard the famous saying "Every beginning is difficult?" Yes, but it doesn't have to be with glo™. Changing from traditional tobacco cigarettes to THP tobacco heating devices can be very easy as it becomes part of your daily personal rituals. The device is designed to allow you to enjoy it easily, whether inside the Kingdom of Jordan or abroad, during cigarette breaks or perhaps while working (depending on your workplace's smoking policy), or connecting with friends or even while having a great time at any special party or evening.

Why Are Our Daily Habits So Important?

Daily rituals evolve over long periods, and at some point, they become part of our subconscious behavior. The routine in our lives provides us with a sense of structure and regularity in our daily lives. Through this, we can gain a kind of certainty when it comes to expectations, as well as a feeling of comfort and relaxation. This also means that changing the routine or fixed habits in our daily lives is difficult. For some individuals, smoking breaks are easily integrated into their daily routine as a moment of rest or social connection. Changing such actions requires time and effort, and here glo™ plays a role.

But what are the reasons that encourage and drive the shift to "heating instead of burning" technology?

Many people are still hesitant about switching to tobacco heating devices. The decision can be difficult, and we are here today to explain the main reasons that will clarify the vision and help make the appropriate decision and move from the traditional era to the modern era in tobacco consumption:

  • Innovative Heating Technology:

glo devices feature the latest heating technology that distinguishes them from traditional smoking methods. Unlike traditional cigarettes that burn tobacco, glo uses advanced heating elements to gently heat the tobacco at low temperatures. This process produces a gentle, inhalable vapor - free from harmful by-products* produced during the combustion of any ordinary cigarette, offering a cleaner and smoother tobacco experience.

  • Reducing Harmful Chemicals*:

One of the standout features of Glo electronic products is their ability to significantly reduce the presence of harmful chemicals* inhaled during tobacco consumption. By heating instead of burning tobacco, the device reduces the release of tar and other toxic substances* associated with traditional smoking. This reduction in harmful chemicals provides a less harmful alternative for tobacco enthusiasts.

  • Electronic Tobacco Flavors:

glo is designed to enhance your enjoyment of tobacco by preserving the natural flavors of tobacco leaves. Traditional cigarettes often hide the true taste of tobacco with the harshness of combustion, but heating technology allows users to experience a variety of flavors with more clarity and authenticity. With a variety of tobacco blends available, users can customize their experience and taste the rich nuances of their chosen blend.

  • Ergonomic and User-friendly Design:

User comfort is one of the main goals glo kept in mind. Therefore, glo tobacco heating devices feature a sleek design and compact size for easy handling and portability. Simple one-button operation ensures a hassle-free experience, making it an ideal choice for both seasoned tobacco lovers and those new to alternative smoking methods. The long-lasting battery and high-speed charging capabilities all facilitate the device's use.

  • Responsible Choice and Social Awareness:

Switching to a tobacco heating device, like the Glo Hyper x2, creates a more responsible approach to tobacco consumption both personally and socially. Reducing harmful emissions* and second-hand smoke makes the device a considerate choice for both the user and those around them. Choosing a tobacco heating device instead of traditional smoking contributes to a cleaner and more reassured environment, addressing public health and well-being concerns both directly and indirectly.

  • Customizable Experience with HeatControl Technology:

The advanced HeatControl™ technology is the foundation of glo™ devices, allowing users to precisely customize their tobacco experience. By adjusting the device's temperature settings, users can tailor the flavor intensity and vapor production to their liking. This level of customization ensures that each session with Hyper x2 or Hyper Air is a personal and satisfying journey, enabling users to explore the nuances of different tobacco blends.

  • Economic and Environmental Considerations:

Switching to glo tobacco heating devices not only contributes to personal well-being but also offers economic and environmental benefits. The device's efficient heating technology ensures less direct use of tobacco, ultimately leading to a longer-lasting product. This translates to fewer cigarette butts discarded and a lesser impact on the environment. Additionally, the financial savings from reduced tobacco consumption make glo devices a cost-effective choice in the long run.

These are the key reasons to proceed with the decision to quit traditional smoking and try the new technology of tobacco heating for a less harmful* and more enjoyable experience. Did you like the idea and delve into the reasons with us? Would you like to learn more about gloTM devices available today in Jordan? Please visit our website now, glo™ Jordan.

glo Devices Available in Jordan:

glo tobacco heating devices are at the forefront of the tobacco revolution, offering a compelling alternative to traditional smoking methods. Thanks to innovative heating technology, reduced harmful chemicals*, diverse flavors of neo™ tobacco sticks, and a unique and elegant design that is easy to use, they provide not just an enjoyable tobacco heat not burn experience but also one that is mindful of health and environmental concerns.

  1. Glo Hyper x2: Features a comfortable and contemporary design specifically made to simplify the tobacco heating process. Available in vibrant colors, lightweight, and easy to use, it has an on-button and two operating modes, Standard and Boost, for faster or gentler heating at the touch of a button. The "Boost" mode achieves the optimal temperature in just 15 seconds, ensuring a more intense experience. The innovative design includes an LED indicator that visually tracks heating progress, gradually forming a full circle of light.
  2. Glo Hyper Air: The Hyper Air device represents the latest addition to the glo™device range, equipped with advanced heating technology for relentless new and enjoyable experiences. It's the lightest and smallest device we've ever made, making it perfect and convenient for on-the-go use. The device features a "Boost" faster heating function, a battery status indicator, an innovative opening mechanism, and can be used for up to twenty sessions on a single battery charge.

Both feature neo tobacco sticks in diverse flavors, catering to consumer desires ranging from strong and rich tobacco flavors to intriguing mixes of tobacco and fruit. To find out the currently available flavors, visit glo Jordan today! Switch today and start a hassle-free journey of enjoying tobacco.

Can a Tobacco Heater Help You Achieve Your New Year's Resolution?

If we're wondering whether glo™ can help us combat tobacco addiction, the honest answer is: yes and no. We've described this in more detail in this article. It's important to consider that tobacco heating devices are not neutral to our bodies and still contain nicotine***. They can only be treated as a relatively less harmful* alternative to classic smoking, so they cannot offer immediate and direct help to the smoker on their own.

Quitting Smoking:

Tobacco heaters, like glo™, are not medical products for quitting smoking. If you're concerned about the effects of smoking, the best choice is to quit smoking and discuss it with your doctor. Switching to heated tobacco is not a substitute for completely phasing out tobacco products. However, for nicotine** or cigarette users who do not wish to quit smoking, heated tobacco is a better alternative to smoking**.

glo™ can also become an effective tool for reducing the amount of nicotine*** consumed, which could be the first step towards eliminating addiction. So, if we want to change something in the new year, acquiring and using a tobacco heating device might be the right choice. It can help reduce the harmful effects of addiction without forcing the smoker to quit nicotine abruptly.

In Conclusion:

glo™ offers an innovative way to consume tobacco without smoke and ash. It's likely less harmful* to the body than regular cigarettes, but we can only treat it as an alternative to smoking, not as a completely safe and harmless substitute. However, let's remember that glo™ can become a means to reduce the negative effects of smoking, and with good user behavior, a tool for eliminating various habits related to traditional smoking.

*BAT's tobacco and nicotine products, including glo™, are not marketed as a means to quit smoking. The best option for smokers is to quit smoking altogether.

**glo™ heats tobacco instead of burning it. It produces a tobacco vapor, less smell, and no ash. This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, which is addictive.

***This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.