neo™ Stick Flavors: A Journey of Taste and Discovery

In the ever-evolving landscape of smoking alternatives, neo™ flavored tobacco sticks have made a significant impact. Designed to offer a modern tobacco smoking experience, they have captured the attention of consumers globally with their innovative approach to tobacco consumption. In this blog, we delve into what sets heat not burn neo™ apart, the reasons behind its selection, and its implications for the tobacco heating industry and public health.

The Rise of Tobacco Alternatives

As awareness of the health risks associated with traditional tobacco products grows, smokers are increasingly looking for alternatives that offer a similar experience without harmful effects*. This shift in consumer preferences has spurred the development of various smoking alternatives, ranging from nicotine patches and gum to electronic cigarettes and heat-not-burn devices.

Among these alternatives, tobacco heating products - which heat tobacco instead of burning it - have gained significant traction. They deliver nicotine with a distinctive taste without combustion, thereby reducing exposure to harmful toxins* found in traditional cigarette smoke. neo™ represents the latest advancement in this category, offering smokers a unique blend of flavors with a nicotine* level in a convenient and easy-to-use form.

neo™: A Flavorful Experience

Quality, innovation, and flavor are at the heart of neo™ sticks. Unlike traditional cigarettes that contain nicotine* and rely on combustion to release flavor, neo™ utilizes advanced heat-not-burn technology to heat specially prepared tobacco sticks at lower temperatures, producing an enjoyable vapor that can be inhaled without the need for combustion.

A standout feature of neo™ is its unique range of flavors that cater to a wide array of smoker preferences. Whether you're a fan of classic tobacco flavors, crave the freshness of menthol, or prefer diverse fruit blends, neo™ satisfies all tastes. From rich tobacco and cool menthol breezes to enticing consumer experiments, each flavor is meticulously crafted to offer a pleasurable and less harmful smoking experience.

Available neo™ Tobacco Stick Flavors in Jordan:

The flavor range we offer is divided into three categories: tobacco flavor, fruit flavor, or menthol. Some neo™ sticks are highly sophisticated and specially designed to be compatible with glo™ devices only:

Classic Tobacco Sticks

  • neo™ GOLD TOBACCO: Sticks with a balanced tobacco aroma.
  • neo™ RICH TOBACCO: Tobacco sticks featuring a rich tobacco flavor.

Mint Flavor Tobacco Sticks

  • neo™ Fresco Mint: Mint-flavored sticks promise a balanced and fresh smoking experience.

Menthol Flavored Tobacco Sticks:

  • neo™ GREEN CLICK: Menthol-flavored tobacco sticks activated by a single click.

Fruit Flavored Tobacco Sticks:

  • neo™ Blueberry Switch: Sticks flavored with wild blueberry taste.

Most of our fruit flavors feature a sweet tip filter, allowing you to enjoy an added touch of sweetness on the filter, and the flavors will develop more intensely. In addition to these flavors, we regularly offer new flavors and limited editions of tobacco sticks. So, don't hesitate any longer and discover all the neo flavors in Jordan today!

In summary, neo™ sticks, compatible with glo tobacco heating systems, stand out as a modern and sophisticated choice for smokers seeking a smoother and more refined flavor delivery alternative to traditional cigarettes. Thanks to their innovative technology, diverse flavor range, and consistent nicotine delivery with full quality and safety, neo offers a compelling solution for smokers looking to enjoy a satisfying smoking journey while reducing associated health risks. Whether drawn to the appealing flavors or the promise of reduced harm, neo™ represents a forward step in the evolution of smoking alternatives.

The Science Behind neo™

Behind every new product is a scientific breakthrough, and behind the sleek design and appealing flavors of neo™ sticks lies a wealth of scientific research and practical work. During manufacturing, the special tobacco blend for neo™ tobacco sticks undergoes a precise process to ensure optimal taste, nicotine delivery, and safety. By heating the tobacco at lower temperatures compared to traditional cigarettes, neo™ reduces the production of harmful chemicals while preserving the delicate flavors of tobacco.

Why Choose neo™?

In a world where the popularity of smoking alternatives is on the rise, neo has been committed to manufacturing everything that is sophisticated and enjoyable. It has combined science, simplicity, and technology to create sticks with flavors that meet consumer desires. neo™ flavored tobacco sticks offer a different and attractive option, providing a contemporary smoking experience with a focus on flavor, convenience, and harm reduction*. Let's explore why smokers are choosing neo™ tobacco sticks over classic cigarettes and other smoking alternatives:

Innovative Heating Technology

neo™ utilizes advanced heat-not-burn technology, which heats the tobacco sticks at lower temperatures to produce a pleasant vapor without combustion. This innovative method reduces the production of harmful chemicals*, offering a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Variety of Flavors

As mentioned earlier, neo™ caters to everyone's tastes with its wide range of flavors. The variety adds excitement and customization to the smoking experience. Whether you prefer the rich flavors of authentic tobacco or fruity tastes, all are available on our glo Jordan website. Shop now!

Nicotine Control

These tobacco sticks are designed to provide a consistent and controlled nicotine experience, allowing users to effectively manage their nicotine cravings. By delivering nicotine without combustion, neo™ reduces exposure to harmful substances* while ensuring a less harmful smoking experience.

Convenience and Portability

neo™ flavored tobacco sticks are designed for convenience and ease of portability, making them ideal for smokers on the go. Each stick is pre-filled and ready to use, eliminating the need for cumbersome equipment or preparations. Whether traveling, socializing, or simply enjoying a moment of relaxation, neo™ easily fits into your lifestyle.

Commitment to Quality

Behind the attractive flavors and sleek design lies a dedication to quality and safety. The special tobacco blend undergoes rigorous testing and refinement to ensure optimal taste, nicotine delivery, and safety standards. Smokers can trust neo™ to provide a high-quality and enjoyable smoking experience without compromising health.

Potential for Harm Reduction

As concerns over the health risks associated with smoking continue to grow, neo™ presents a promising solution for harm reduction. By offering smokers a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes, it aims to reduce the health damages associated with tobacco and promote healthier smoking habits.

Supporting Smoking Cessation Efforts

For smokers looking to quit or reduce their tobacco consumption, neo™ sticks can be a valuable tool. The appealing flavors and less harmful nicotine delivery method may assist smokers in moving away from combustible tobacco products and starting on the path toward quitting smoking entirely.

Impact on Public Health

With growing concerns over the health risks associated with smoking and nicotine*, products like neo™ flavored tobacco sticks have the potential to play a significant role in harm reduction efforts. By offering smokers a less harmful alternative to classic cigarettes, neo™ aims to mitigate adverse health effects while providing a familiar and enjoyable smoking experience.

Furthermore, neo’s focus on flavor diversity and user experience may attract smokers considering quitting or transitioning away from combustible tobacco products. Offering an appealing and satisfying electronic alternative, neo™ has the potential to facilitate a positive and civilized shift among smokers, ultimately reducing tobacco-related harm at the population level.

While the long-term health effects of neo and similar products remain unclear, their potential to reduce tobacco harm and support smoking cessation or reduction efforts should not be overlooked. As society continues to navigate the complexities of tobacco control and public health, products like neo offer a glimpse into a future where smokers can access safer and more enjoyable alternatives.

In Conclusion

What a journey it has been! We’ve explored the reality of neo flavored tobacco sticks designed for heated tobacco products and how they represent a promising evolution in the world of smoking alternatives. Thanks to its innovative approach to heat-not-burn technology, a diverse range of flavors, and a commitment to quality and safety, Neo™ has emerged as a leader in the quest to provide smokers with a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes.


*BAT's tobacco and nicotine products, including glo™, are not marketed as a means to quit smoking. The best option for smokers is to quit smoking entirely.

**glo™ heats tobacco instead of burning it. It produces tobacco mist, less odor, and no ash. This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, which is addictive.

***This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.