glo™: How Safe is It?

A Smooth and Secure Transition to the glo™ Tobacco Heating System

As a consumer of nicotine, you've likely encountered the terms "tobacco heating system" or "heated tobacco technology". It is mainly due to their increasing global popularity. Hence, if you're considering changing the way you consume nicotine, we're here to guide you through a smooth and safe transition. There is just one condition: you must meet the legal age requirement for heated tobacco products.

Tobacco Heated products like glo™ are sleek, all-in-one devices that heat a stick filled with high-quality tobacco. They allow users to enjoy nicotine without cigarette smoke, with significantly less toxicity and  unpleasant odors.

Differences Between glo™ Tobacco Heating Technology  and Regular Cigarettes

The main distinction between regular cigarettes and   lies in their nicotine delivery method. While traditional cigarettes release nicotine through tobacco combustion at temperatures up to 900°C,  glo™ tobacco heating system heats the tobacco stick without burning it. But how does this make it any better?

Cigarettes and glo™ sticks both contain nicotine. However, the glo neostick is designed to release nicotine at temperatures between 250 and 280°C (depending on the mode you choose: Standard or Boost, and the type of glo™ device). This tobacco heating system allows users to enjoy nicotine without burning or having to deal with ash. All this while emitting 90-95% fewer toxins during a single glo™ session. Want to learn more about heated tobacco vs. e-cigarette vs. smoking?

Making the Switch to glo™:

As technology rapidly advances, Glo™ products embrace the "heat-not-burn" approach, offering a safer and more appealing alternative for smokers who want to move away from harmful traditional methods. This innovative technology brings us closer to a smoke-free future and has been around as the pioneering THP technology since 1980.

Benefits of Using a Tobacco Heating System:

The tobacco heating system offers numerous advantages, including:

  • No tar production, unlike conventional cigarettes
  • No burning, ash, or unpleasant smell
  • Up to 90-95% reduction in harmful substances
  • Sleek design and user-friendly operation
  • More smoking sessions and unlimited puffs
  • A satisfying experience after each session

Since glo™ neo-sticks are non-combustible, they don't produce smoke during use, resulting in significantly fewer toxins. Additionally, the vapor from the device has a less offensive odor that doesn't linger on clothes or furniture.

While nicotine consumption is not completely risk-free, heated tobacco products (HTPs) and e-cigarettes likely present fewer health risks than traditional smoking. How come? This is primarily due to lower emissions of toxic substances resulting from the absence of combustion.

Moreover, heated tobacco products and e-cigarettes may have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional smoking. This is again mainly due to the low emissions and waste from these alternatives contribute to being environmentally and consumer friendly.

The Future of Heated Tobacco Products as a Better Alternative

As nicotine consumption technology continues to evolve, heated tobacco products are gaining attention as a potentially better alternative to traditional combustible smoking. With their innovative heating and non-burning technology, heated tobacco products may provide a cleaner and more enjoyable experience for users.

On top of it, glo™ has undoubtedly taken the lead on this by offering a satisfying nicotine consumption experience while significantly reducing harmful emissions compared to traditional smoking.  


Embracing the "heat-not-burn" technology, glo™ provides a potentially safer alternative for nicotine consumption. With a sleek design, user-friendly operation, and reduced harmful emissions, glo™ brings us one step closer to a smoke-free future. As the tobacco industry continues to evolve, glo™ and other heated tobacco products emerge as promising options for those seeking a better, cleaner way to enjoy their favorite pastime.


** This product is NOT RISK FREE and contains addictive nicotine.  Comparison of smoke from burning tobacco in a standard cigarette (approximately 9 mg tar) and the aerosol from heated tobacco in a glo™ device.

*** Compared to a regular cigarette while smoking. This product does not eliminate all risks and contains addictive nicotine.

**** Heats tobacco without burning. This product does not eliminate all risks and contains addictive nicotine.